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Candy was not one of those little girls that cut her Barbie’s hair or borrowed grandmas sewing scissors to cut her brothers hair, even though there is a good story there. What actually lead her down the path of the beauty industry was working part time in a salon as a receptionist. She absolutely loved the environment of seeing salon professionals impacting the lives of their guests. From the time she was a junior in high school, she knew this was a career for her.

Upon graduating cosmetology school Candy wanted to immerse herself into the hair styling world, which took her all over the country taking top education classes. After attending all these classes she felt she had something to offer other beauty professionals, so this lead her to become an educator herself. Candy taught with the one of the biggest hair companies in the world for over 10 years, traveling the country, working with the best of the best. But she felt something was missing. Realizing that the products that are used in a salon is directly correlated to personal health and health of the environment, she researched professional brands that could care for people and sustain the earth. This finally lead her to Davines, a sustainable haircare and color company. Davines is family owned and utilizes Slow Food presidio to create organic, vegan, and cruelty free haircare products that are zero impact to our planet. They encompass all of the beliefs that Candy holds true in her heart as an educator for Davines, she has found her true calling. Products have evolved to be more natural and more environmentally responsible. This is an important part of her business as well as her personal life.


Candy Fuegen

We have one world, one life. In choosing organic and cruelty free product lines we can take care of both.
– Candy

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