Embrace an ethereal and enchanting summertime ambiance with Viseart Paris as we celebrate our two new magical and luminous neutral Petit Pro palettes: Solstice and Midsommer! Our ‘elevated everyday’ essential, eye-enhancing nude shades are empowering not overpowering, giving you simple and delicate control of your work-time to summertime play! Balmy, neutral-toned Petit Pro Solstice with a soft and sumptuous duochrome is our newest core staple and Petit Pro Midsommer is sublimely cool with lyrical, celestial duochrome hues. Our two new summertime palettes offer a refreshing and chic twist on matte and gossamer shades, effortlessly inspiring your refined, sunswept, elegant reverie.

Petit Pro Solstice is a turning point of ignited shades in a harmonious balance of matte and shimmers!  With a rapturous selection of all new earthbound hues, our divine Petit Pro Solstice palette is a bliss of rich, sundrenched colors.  Exalt your eyes with the sublime neutral sheen of Solstice - the key to your effortless nude ready-to-wear look! A jubilant new cycle begins as we gather to celebrate transformation, strength, and creativity with four harmonious matte tones, three shimmer shades, and a sumptuous duochrome.

Shade from top to bottom, left to right: 

  • Languor: Sandy beige with a matte finish
  • Crescendo: Light warm brown with a matte finish
  • Summertide: Medium red-brown with a matte finish
  • Duir: Chocolate brown with a matte finish
  • Fervor: Lemon meringue with a shimmer finish 
  • Litha: Nude brown with a shimmer finish
  • Splendor: Terracotta-brown a shimmer finish
  • Solstice: Pink with a duochrome finish

Viseart Petit PRO Solstice