New Spa Treatment Menu

Here’s a look at our NEW Spa Treatment Menu!!!
How will you ever choose???:)


Rapid Results Facial – (express facial)
This express service utilizes the same advance treatments as a 30 min spa facial in half the time
Done chair side, it’s the perfect add-on to your color service or for a quick lunch break treat. Leave with your skin
looking brighter, tighter and rejuvenated. -$20

Skin Regimen Facial – (lines & wrinkles –sagging skin)
30 minutes to renew, restore, tone and reposition the skin tissues for a youthful healthier appearance. -$55

Sublime Skin Double Peel – (resurfacing & illuminating)
Available in the intensive or delicate version, this innovative double peel offers a powerful combination of lactic acid with AHA and Vitamin C. Ideal to target uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and skin with tendency to become oily. If safely and effectively removes the thickening layer of the epidermis, revealing an incredibly radiant, even complexion and a smoother and softer skin. -$85

Sublime Skin Active Lift – (lifting & redensifying)
Powerful lifting facial targeting sagging cheeks, jowls, chin, neck and decollete for a visible and immediate rejuvenating effect. The exclusive waterless bi-phasic mask with Vitamin PP and hexapeptide-8 helps to oxygenate skin tissues and to give an instant firming effect. -$120

Sublime skin deluxe lift – (resurfacing–illuminating–lifting-redensifying)
Our state-of-the- art anti-aging facial combining the renewing efficacy of the double peel with the innovative firming bi-phasic mask. Particularly recommended for mature skins, with visible signs of aging, it stimulates cellular regeneration and redefines the shape of the face. -$150

Active Pureness Facial – (oiliness–acne–impurities-men)
Treatment for deep cleansing that gives the skin a luminous, smooth uniform appearance. -$85

Hydramemory Facial – (dehydration and all skins)
Deep hydrating treatment for face, neck and decollete for profound moisture and silkiness. -$85

Raindrop – This entrancing treatment blends nine highly therapeutic essential oils that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-spasmodic properties. Each oil is dropped and layered in a raindrop fashion up the spine, lightly massaged in, absorbed and enters your bloodstream within 20 minutes. The oils stay in the body for five to seven days and are discharged like other nutrients. Many recipients report increased energy, alleviation of back pain, profound relaxation and a general sense of clarity. This therapy also boosts the immune system with the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties from the oils. -$45