Total color GAME CHANGER!!!

We are soooooooo pumped for the newest hair color by Davines. Introducing MASK with Vibrachrom!!!! What is it exactly?!?! A GAME CHANGER!!! Seriously!!! Can’t you tell by all our exclamation points how HUGE this is?!?!?

From Davines R&D research of the natural world they selected a Quinoa protein extract that increases the colour uptake and compacts the hair cuticles.  How does it work?
Quinoa is composed of cationic and anionic amino acids:
– Cationic amino acids have an affinity to the hair and act as an anchor to bind the colour molecules to the hair
– Anionic amino acids in the quinoa protein concentrate act as a sealant that coat hair and protect colour from fading

vibrachrom 3


Super cool right?!?!? Here’s a little video to tell you more:)