Natural Tech Treatments

Natural Tech hair and scalp treatments by Davines


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Natural Tech Product and Treatment system is specifically designed and formulated to solve the most common scalp and hair problems. Innovative formulas (free of parabens and sulphates) targeting specific concerns. Ask your stylist which treatment is right for you.


Energizing – A stimulating and energizing treatment for fragile hair that is susceptible to hair loss and lack of volume. Deeply cleanses and stim

ulates blood flow to the follicles. Strengthens the existing hair.

Nourishing – A reconstructing treatment for the wellbeing of brittle, fragile, chemically treated hair and scalp. Rehabilitating the scalp and mending the cuticle layers of the hair.

Purifying – A deep cleansing and healing treatment to exfoliate and nourish the scalp. Removing dry skin caused by Eczema, Psoriasis and dandruff. The result is healthy, nourished and clean hair.

Detoxifying– A treatment loaded with anti-oxidants and nourishing conditioners to detoxify hair exposed to hard water, chlorine and environmental damage. Allows for delicate elimination of all impurities from hair and scalp. Leaves hair protected and full of body.

Replumping – This superactive treatment was developed with skin care “filler technology”, hyaluronic acid. It provides deep penetration, hydration and elasticity support for your hair. Hair looks compact, replumped and very shiny.

Rebalancing – Treatment to balance oily scalp conditions. It will calm your scalp and restore it to its natural health and beauty.