Must have for your medicine cabinet

Cold and flu season is almost here!! Keep your immune system strong with Young Living’s Thieves Essential Oil!!! We will be diffusing this in the salon all winter long. This is a must have for your medicine cabinet!! Here are just a few ways you can use Thieves…
HEADACHE – put a drop on your thumb and push on the roof of your mouth for a few minutes

STREP THROAT- 2-4 drops in water, gargle and swallow as needed

PROTECTION FROM COLD AND FLU- put a couple drops directly on soles of feet

BEE STINGS- apply to relieve pain

GUM DISEASE- prevent and treat by applying to gums

REDUCE PHLEGM & CONGESTION –add 1 drop to orange juice and drink

HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM- rubbing on bottoms of feet, diffusing in a room and drinking one drop in a glass of water will help our body support its natural immunity. Diffuse in the bedroom during sleep to give added support for healthy lungs, sinus and immune health. Valuable during winter months.

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