Are you guilty???

Ok you guys, who’s guilty of not using a heat protectant on their hair??? Come on, raise your hand…. Now here’s your chance to fix it!!!

Defend it with ‪#‎MELU‬ hair shield, ‪#‎yourEssential‬ blow dry ally!

Hair straighteners and blow driers threaten your beautiful mane:( Thanks to its thermal protective resin, ‪#‎MELUhairshield‬ helps your hair to stand the hottest temperatures up to 220°! Its formula is enriched with the ‪#‎VillalbaLentilSeeds‬ extract, Slow Food Presidium, with a nourishing and repairing action. Zoom on ‪#‎Davines‬ ‪#‎EssentialHaircare‬ MELU:

Melu Shield is totally awesome!!!

melu shield