Oi obession

airplant I’m sure most of you have seen this product lurking on everyone’s stations at the salon.  Davines Oi is one of our absolute favorites!! Like, we could seriously drink it, not really, but you know what I mean. It’s awesome.

“Oi Oil is a treatment oil that is made from Roucou Oil from an Amazonian plant (all fair trade of course). It is full of Beta Carotene (like carrots but has more of it) that is great for restructuring the hair making it strong to help growth. This also helps production on melanin in the hair which reduces cell damage, prevents aging and maintains elasticity (which in turn prevents breakage). It is full of anti-oxidants and anti-free radical actions which fight the effects of the environment on your hair. Use 2-3 drops (depending on hair thickness, use one if you have fine hair) and smooth through towel dried hair. It gives it shine and amazing softness without weighing it down, has an great untangling and anti frizz actions and also reduces drying time! It contains NO Parabens (Laura from the Davines Lab in Italy assured me of this). It does contain silicon but these aren’t your nasty build-up-in-the-hair silicons. They are a ‘breathable transpiring silicone oil’ which protect the hair without affecting other treatments and don’t build up to make the hair dull. Think of it as a little shield over the hair while the Oi Oil does its treating.”  -from liveandletdyehair.com

Now do you believe me?!??! Get yours now!!:)